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Citrix StoreFront

Citrix StoreFront keeps getting better and better. As the End User Experience gets better we seem to have lost the ability that we had with Web Interface to do the Wonderful Things we did with the Old SDK which let you build your own custom Web Interface. The entire reason I started in 2001/2002 was I was so tired of Default I Built My Own! Then the rest was history. So starting from now we are taking back DEFAULT with limited Options!

Citrix NetScaler Gateway

NetScaler has become the main access point for most Citrix environments in the last few years. NetScaler is being used in many ways by every company. So has come up with different packages that fit the most common real-world scenarios that we see in production on a daily basis.

Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Citrix Web Interface is what started many years ago. It was our flagship product, it started our business. It was the product that gave the spark of the idea that leads to Custom Interfaces as business.

Citrix announced the End of Life on Citrix Web Interface and pushed everything towards Citrix StoreFront a few years back. It has been a rocky transition that has taken a few years. But now our business has switched from Web Interface to StoreFront as our primary Interface.

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Our Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Package is based on the built on theme system that comes built into CPSM. We Design and Develop Themes that can be installed into Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager using the Theme System and then applied to URLs via the CPSM Console. You will have to upload some image files and create a new theme then apply our custom CSS File to your system. This will add your custom theme that will be isolated from all other themes in your environment. This works great in multi-tenant environments where you may want to have many different themes for different hosted clients. Every client has a unique URL with their own Custom Branded Theme.

VMware Horizon View HTML Access

Our Custom Branded VMware Horizon View HTML Access is a Branding Only that allows us to apply a customer’s Company Branding to their VMware Horizon View HTML Access Interface. Giving an Interface that matches your company identity and your end user a workspace they recognize.

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 has been working with Outlook Web App for the last 10 years. We started with Outlook Web Access 2003, then Outlook Web Access 2007 and then Outlook Web App 2010. We have retired our customization of OWA 2003 and 2007, but are still offering Custom Branding Packages for OWA 2010.

Microsoft RD Web 2012 & 2012 R2

Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access, RDS Web Access, RD Web, RD Web 2012 R2 or RD Web 2012, is the 3rd and 4th generation of the front-end web based Interface for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly called Terminal Services)

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010

As with all OWA Customizations with every UR or Update Rollup released Microsoft will set the Custom Site back to Default and your Custom Package will have to be Ported over to the new UR. We charge a fee for this. This fee is a different price per UR and per Service Pack. We can provide you pricing on this. This is standard with all OWA Past Versions for all of our customers. This should be factored into your OWA Maintenance Cycle.

Microsoft RD Web 2008 R2

Our Custom Branded Microsoft RD Web 2008 R2 Package is full of features, well developed and finely honed interface. Now been superseded by RD Web 2012 and RD Web 2012 R2 some companies still heavily rely on Windows 2008 R2 for applications that later versions of Windows just don’t support. So we offer full Branding and Customization of RD Web 2008 R2 just as the day it was released.

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